Defender Barrier
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The Free-Standing Defender Barrier is a certified, crash-positive steel barrier that prevents vehicle intrusion into your workzone while providing life-saving protection to the occupants of the impacting vehicle in accordance with MASH 16 test standards at both TL-2 (70 kph) and TL-3 (100 kph). The Defender Barrier features quick site deployment, no requirement for water filling, zero maintenance and a 20-year product life! The Defender is simple to install and its innovative shape optimises the total length of barrier that can be transported in a standard truckload.

The Defender Barrier meets both TL-3 and TL-4 testing requirements making it suitable for deployment in high speed work zones to 100 kph. If your site requires low deflection because of tight work space, you can deploy the system in the Defender 100 LDS configuration by anchoring every second barrier with our factory supplied and tested anchors. Want proof? Click here. If your site allows for more deflection, you can cut your installation costs by deploying the system in the Defender 100 HC configuration, which is certified with anchorage at every 12th barrier. Contact us to learn more about how the Defender can protect i) your workers, ii) the motoring public and, iii) the timely progress of your next job!

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