Verdegro Hybrid Light Tower Trailer
Verdegro Hybrid Light Tower Trailer Work Area Lighting Sustainable Solar Lighting Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor Solution, Service, Supplier, Supply | Safetyverse Sdn Bhd LLTT Hybrid Night Hybrid LED Light Tower (LLTT-H) Hybrid LED Light Tower Bucket (LLTB-H) Hybrid LED Light Tower (LLTT-H)
The Verdegro Hybrid LED Light Tower Trailer (i.e. – LLTT Hybrid) is a range of portable LED lighting trailers for road work areas, mining applications and events.  The LLTT Hybrid is eco-friendly and offers up to 8-hours of solar-powered lighting.  For longer-duration applications, our ‘Whisper Quiet’ Kubota Diesel generator satisfies all your additional power needs.  A telescopic tower raises four (4) 150 watt LED flood lights 7.8 meters to provide 60 lumens of light (an 88 lumens option is also available).  LLTT Hybrid lights are rotational, directional and dimmable to ensure that you get the right lighting, in the right place, without disruptive glare.  Our 70,000 hour LED lifespan means you’ll probably never change a lightbulb and, best of all, with a daily operating cost of RM 5.00 or less, the Verdegro Hybrid LLTT is economical as well as environmentally-friendly!

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